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Founded award-winning E-spaces | 30 yrs. XR creator.

CEO at Runway Innovation Hub.

Entrepreneur impact ventures, founder MyHealthMirror longevity platform.

Director of Bioinformatics at CREA and serves on it’s Advisory Board.

Polymath, researcher, entrepreneur, and a healthy life extension advocate.

Founder and CEO of EDL.

CEO, Summit Bridge Group Inc.


Founder and CEO (or/and Chairman) of Viome and Moon Express.

Founder, CEO Quantage, LLC.

CEO of Mediterranean Towers Ventures.

Centro Universitário Newton Paiva, School of Law Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil.

Mindset Expert and creator of “The Dream Sprint”.

Researcher, Inventor, Innovator & Entrepreneur In Exponential Technologies.

Physicist and optical engineer.

Technophile, contrarian, serial autodidact and highly spiritual.

Executive Director at MassRobotics

Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Co-Founder Life Extension Buyers Club, Inc. and Society for Rescue of Our Elders.

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