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Devin Fidler

Devin Fidler

Devin Fidler

Strategic foresight expert and disruptive innovation advisor.

“Emerging network technologies are creating new ways of getting things done. These are on a collision course with companies as we know them. There’s a growing need to rethink fundamental assumptions. This ‘rethinkery’ is a critical step for any organization that wants to move forward.”

Devin Fidler is the Founder of Rethinkery Labs, a research and consulting center focused on the forces shaping tomorrow’s companies. He has worked with senior leaders at dozens of Fortune 1000 companies to chart key emerging issues and technologies, and to leverage their potential.

Devin leads software projects at Rethinkery to prototype new tools for “self-driving” management. These experiments have been covered in a number of publications, including the New York Times and Harvard Business Review. Today, he argues, traditional companies themselves are a technology on the verge of disruption.

Devin is a frequent speaker at gatherings of business leaders and innovators interested in the transformation of work and organizations. He is focused on building processes to help companies achieve deeper levels of innovation by changing how they orchestrate resources and knowledge, getting them to the just right places at just the right time. Having lived and worked in several countries throughout his career, Devin brings a global perspective to all his projects.

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